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About Us

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

SWR JustBins is a new national waste collection service for Britain’s small and medium-sized businesses. The service launched in 2015 to fill a gap in the market for simple, reliable, cost-effective waste collection for companies on a single site.


Part of the SWR brand, we are backed by decades of waste management expertise, experience in recycling-led solutions and the best customer service in the industry.


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What We Do?

Depending on your waste streams and requirements, we’ll provide you with either pre-paid bags or bins for your premises. We’ll then arrange to collect your waste on a schedule to suit you – disposing of it in the most efficient, environmentally friendly way possible.


As well as taking your rubbish away, we’ll remove the hassle of missed collections and the frustration that comes with paying too much for waste services in the UK.

What We Do?
How do we save you money?

How do we save you money?

The trucks collecting your waste don’t belong to us – they are run by our trusted network of suppliers. We’re the broker in the equation, and that brings you a host of key benefits.


Firstly, it means we can send you the right vehicle for the job, rather than having to select from our own fleet. Secondly, it means we can use a supplier local to you – ensuring a greener solution, and a reliable service.


And best of all, it means big savings for your business. We broker the best deal for you, and use our own low overheads to pass on significant financial savings.


To find out how much you could save compared to your current supplier:

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