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SWR JustBins - Commercial Waste Bin Sizes - A simple guide

Commercial Waste Bin Sizes

A  simple guide to commercial bin sizes:

Commercial bin sizes

Available from SWR JustBins: Bags 120L 240L 360L 660L 1100L
Mixed Recycling
General Waste
Food Waste
Glass Recycling
Height (mm) 990 930 1062 1098 1270 1270
Width (mm) 736 480 577 583 1270 1270
Depth (mm) 457 560 715 880 880 1082
Approx no. of bin bags 1 3 4 6 10 18

As a reference domestic wheelie bins are generally 240L.

Sizes may vary slightly between manufacturers.

Weight limits are different for each bin size and waste stream, details available on quotes from SWR JustBins.


Thing to consider when choosing bins:


What space is available for bins or bags and are they moved for collections?

e.g. where there is limited storage space for bins a bag collection may work better (i.e. High Street locations) and when the bin needs to be moved for collection a wheelie bin is a good option.


How many waste streams does your business have?

e.g. when separating glass, food waste, mixed recycling and general waste there will be four separate bins or bags; the benefit is that there is flexibility to choose the right size bin for the quantity of each waste type produced but consider the space required to store all four.


What volume of waste is produced?

e.g. where space is limited a smaller bin collected more frequently may be the best solution, alternatively, if there is a large bin area consider a bigger bin collected every 2 weeks. It’s recommended that food waste is collected at least once a week.


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