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SWR JustBins - How to change business waste services

How to change business waste services

change business waste arrangements


Here’s how to switch your waste service…

In many ways there are similarities to change business waste arrangements and reviewing a mobile phone contract.


1.  Check your current contract  e.g. is the contract for 12 months? is there a notice period? and will it automatically roll over into a new fixed term?


2. Understand the existing service  e.g. what size are the bins? how often are the collections? which waste streams are there collections for?


3.  Identify what waste the business produces and how much  e.g. how much could be recycled? would separate food and / or glass collections be useful?


4.  Is there anything that needs improving?  e.g. reduce costs, increase recycling, more reliable service, avoiding additional charges for overweight bins or contaminated recycling


5.  Talk to a waste company or find a quote online e. g. SWR JustBins provides access to a nationwide network of service providers, check prices online or call to discuss the best solution for your business


6.  Agree the service and sign a new contract


7.  If switching to a new supplier give notice to the existing provider


8.  The new service starts


If you would prefer to discuss the options and identify the best waste management solution for your small business call the SWR JustBins team: 0333 04 33 100.

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