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SWR JustBins - Waste Management Toolkit Guides

Waste Toolkits



In collaboration with the British Hospitality Association and Winnow Solutions, SWR has developed a range of waste management toolkits. The Waste Not, Want Not series of bite-sized leaflets is designed to give a snapshot into waste related topics which impact your business. There are plenty of practical hints and tips to reduce waste, save money and increase recycling.


Waste Not, Want Not 1: Quick tips to save money


Waste Not, Want Not 2: Engaging your staff to reduce waste


Waste Not, Want Not 3: Waste misconceptions


Waste Not, Want Not 4: Managing surplus


Waste Not, Want Not 5: Working with your supply chain


Waste Not, Want Not 6: Waste management training


Waste Not, Want Not 7: Hidden costs of waste


Waste Not, Want Not 8: Building the business case for sustainability


Although the guides have been developed for the hospitality industry, much of the information is useful for any business looking to improve understanding about waste management. In particular, sites producing high volumes of food waste.


The information in the guides will help your business improve its environmental performance; responsible business practices not only have financial benefits but also provide reputational and competitive advantages. Mixed recycling, food waste and glass collections can all be organised through SWR JustBins.


If you are interested to find out more about how separating waste could benefit your business please call to discuss 0333 04 33 100.

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