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Commercial Waste Disposal

Commercial waste disposal



What is commercial waste disposal?


Waste produced by any business activity is ‘commercial waste’ including; offices, studios, workshops, shops, industrial units and self-employed people. Commercial waste is also called business waste or trade waste.

Domestic collections to empty bins at home are not ‘free’ they are paid for through council tax. These collections are not available for businesses and commercial waste is not accepted at recycling centres, or tips. Each company has responsibility to arrange it’s own waste collections and SWR JustBins is designed to solve this problem.


SWR JustBins provides the most popular waste collections services:

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The advantages of recycling commercial waste:


Reduce waste costs:

Segregating materials and separating for recycling collections will reduce the weight of general waste bins which can lower costs. Also, correctly managing waste avoids incurring any fines or additional charges.


Meet legal obligations:

Particularly around storing and disposal of items (see ‘What is Duty of Care?’).


Save energy:

For example, glass can be re-melted and reformed using less energy than is needed producing new glass.


Business benefits:

Environmental awareness and ethical practices are increasingly important for all businesses; recycling is a simple way to improve as a standalone activity or as part of a broader responsibility programme.


Environmental benefits:

Diverting waste from landfill reduces the impact of the business on the environment. Recovering materials so they can be processed and reused is the basic principle of the ‘circular economy’.


Increase awareness of recycling in your business:

A simple recycling system, well communicated, will make recycling easy and effective for your commercial waste disposal.

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