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Waste Services

waste services

SWR JustBins provides SMEs with a range of options for their waste service needs, including bags and bins to collect general waste, glass, recycling and food waste. Several bin sizes are available and collections can be organised at the frequency to suit your business.


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SWR JustBins is part of SWR and other services are also available:


Haz Box
A Haz Box is like a household glass recycling box to store and collect items that can’t go into general waste or recycling bins. Hazardous waste includes paint tins, printer cartridges, chemicals and batteries. A Haz Box is ideal for any business regularly producing small quantities of haz waste.


Confidential Shredding
Commercially sensitive documents, digital media and hard drives should all be shredded because of Data Protection. SWR can arrange regular collections or ad hoc visits and materials can be shredded on or off site.


Clinical or Offensive waste
Nappies, pharmaceutical tests, laboratory by-products have different waste classifications and require specialist handling. SWR will advise on the best solution at a competitive price.


Mini balers
For businesses that produce high volumes of packaging and have limited storage a mini baler takes up less than 1m² of floor space and reduces the space needed for containers.


For green waste, refurbishments or a stock clear out a skip is a good option. Talk to SWR to ensure you make the right decision and order the right option.


Clearance services
If there is a backlog of waste or significant volumes of additional waste are generated SWR can organise a one off clearance at short notice.


SWR JustBins is aimed at single site businesses, SWR specialise in national contracts and large sites with several waste streams. Speak to the team to discuss which waste services your business needs.


Call 0333 04 33 100 or visit www.swrwastemanagement.co.uk

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